Fallspeed question


I am trying to use the game engine to record physics for an animation.
So far no problem, the object falls and reacts like it should, but it falls in slow motion when i play it back (Alt+A)
How can i change the speed of a falling object?

Greetz Catchit

To change the speed at which objects (all of them) fall, just change the value for g in the world settings (buttons>F8).

But the issue is a little more complicated than that, because what you are seeing may not be at “full speed” when playing back the animation. Try making a super-simple (just a cube and maybe a plane for reference) recording, and then rendering the final animation (wireframe and/or shadeless for speed) to see what speed it plays at when all’s over and done with. Also, it is possible to view the framrate for what you’re seeing in the 3D viewport, and change the output framerate.