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Hi everyone.

Two years ago I shared online for free an unused, unfinished character and countless people have downloaded it, made awesome artworks with it and shared their creations with me.
I’m amazed with what people could do with a simple model such as that so I’ve decided to share this new real-time ready model made in my free time between commissions to see what could became.
The model is temporary downloadable for free on Cubebrush with the “pay what you want” formula, which include two LODs files and all the .png PBR textures in 4k resolution.

Images redered with 8k PBR textures, Sketchfab model is LOD 1 with 1k textures

Software used:
-Zbrush for base sculpt
-Marvelous designer for cloths
-Xnormal for baking maps
-Substance Painter for texturing
-Blender for retopology, uv mapping, rig and pose
-Photoshop for images post-processing
-Cycles and EEVEE for rendering


Cubebrush model download link:

Here some renders:

EEVEE Viewport rendering:

Sketchfab model (1k textures, low poly model)

I hope you like it!


I love your style! Excited to see what people come up with.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Cris1!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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