Family homes - small excerpt

Hi Everybody,

it’s been a logn time since my last post.
Below you will find an excerpt of some family houses we have done in the recent month.

Everything was done in blender, rendered with cycles at 600 samples and denoising.
Backgrounds are from HDRI Haven, plants are a mixture of graswald, the groove and maxtree.
Half of the furniture are bougth, the other half has been modeled.
Postproduction (distance fog, glow and streaks, lens distortion, vignette, etc.) was also done in blender.

Hope you like it, c&c are highly appreciated.

Greetings Markus


@MarkusBliem are you kidding me? Is it render? It is a couple of photoshoots😃. Outstanding project! Beleave me😉. Love the concept and design. Just one unrealistic thing is walls. Exactly, material of main walls structure is untextured. I think you must assign such kind of small grainy concrete textures with white color like this one:
Overall is great except.:wink:

Great job! May I know which HDRI was used in the first render?

haha - thanks for the photos - would be nice, if i could could do this, still a lot room left to reach that goal :slight_smile:
thanks for the hint regarding the wall material, you are right. Will incoporate that in the upcoming projects…

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This is the HDRI:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you Bart - have a great weekend too

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