Family house exterior


Here I have some exteriors of a nice family villa - rendered with Cycles. It’s final for now but possibly I will work on this some more later so all C&C is welcome.


Good job att. Its cool. I hope it was composited a bit too. If not, then perhaps you can work on that. It looks a bit dull to me.

Nice render , can you share the configurtion

Nice environment! I really like it! :slight_smile:
Suggestion, if you could make the trees and the grass more green - will look more real and nice, I think.
Now it’s look like the GI (global illumination) is too much.

I would like to know how you set up the grass :slight_smile: Could you share with us. Is this model real size?


finally a real archviz with cycles :wink:

why this girl is staing here? What she is waiting for?

Shes waiting for the dog to come home…

Great render , i love the vegetation especially the trees , please tell me how much VRAM did it took for the whole scene while rendering ?

very nice archviz,(good architecture!),a little level correction is needed.