Family kitchen

Just finished my latest project: some architectural visualisation practice, aiming for a lived-in family kitchen feel. All assets modelled and textured by me for this specific project (it took a long time!).

The photos in the frames are images from Pixabay (by artists Pexels, smpratt90 and serrano1004). The picture on the fridge was drawn by my son.

360 panorama on my Artstation page:


Absolutely impressive, perfect in my eyes :astonished::+1:

I really like the sense of a space actually used by people with all these hints suggesting there’s life around. That someone could have been there five minutes ago or might be just be about to enter. Very detailed, great job!

Wow, this looks like a photo book!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!

Thank you! Praise indeed coming from you - your stuff is amazing!

Yes that’s the concept I was going for. A couple of things to give the impression someone’s been there recently.

I only wish my kitchen was this tidy though!

Thank you!

Thanks Bart! That’s a great end to the week! Very chuffed to be alongside some really great renders