Family villa interiors - trying Cycles

Wow- Looks like these were taken with real camera or something. D: Stunning

if this is the trying , how is your real work :smiley:

I think I don’t want to see that else I will get mad. So thanks it 's ok :slight_smile:

Hi all and thanks for all positive feedback! I try to answer all of your questions.

Model: It’s approximately 400 000 faces. (Some objects are linked groups based on the great tutorial of BlenderCookie so I can’t really tell :slight_smile:
Some models are not by me as the Eames airmcahir - it’s from Hermann-Miller, they have some nice models of their products. The Eames chairs at the table I had to remodel partly 'cause the upper part was much too simplified. And the sofa - I’m almost sure that it’s from Design Connected free stuff but I couldn’t find it now. The other pieces are made by me.
Some of the small object are taken from Bertrand Benois’s stunning images. (candelholders, vases, retro lamp.)

Rendertime: It was aprox. 2 hours each on a Geforce GTx 560 - 2Gb. I made 2000 samples and as I had fireflies - a lot - I used Clamp:2,00. (Higher sample rate didn’t help fireflies at all.) I used a slightly modified Limited GI settings. Also the DOF was made at render.

Light setup: I had two big area lights on the windows, Power 200 and 150 and a Sun, - very low angle - slight orange color, power:3,00, Size: 0,02. I also had a white background, power:1 (This I didn’t really want but I realized too late and didn’t want to change :slight_smile:

Tonemapping: I usually use Lumiance but now I tried Photoshop. - I opened the hdr image and turned to 8 bits - added a little of Exposure and it was OK. The original images was quite light so not too much correction needed.

Postpro: It was made in Photoshop.These corrections were made:

  • Small correction of brightness/contrast with curves
  • Color balance Yellow/Red +10 to make image warmer (I usually see raw renders too blueish.)
  • Glow - Original layer duplicated, added a gaussian blur with radius 8, and the opacity is set to 20%. And you need to sharpen original first to balance the upper layer’s blur - by Scott Kelby
  • Vignetting - Original duplicated, middle of it was cut out with a marque feathered with 100-150 px and the layer set to Multiply - by Scott Kelby
  • Saturation down 60-70 :-/

I also desaturated image textures to achieve a more elegant (?) look… Cycles Hue/Saturation node was very useful for that.

And that’s it. I hope you find it useful. If I missed something just ask it. Cheers,


Really like how you lit the scene, cool contrasts!


Very good work…

I used Clamp:2,00. (Higher sample rate didn’t help fireflies at all.)

have you tried with clamp lower than that, at example 0.9?

I’m asking myself the same. Most fireflies disapear by setting it below 1.
0.9 is mostly a good value.

Kind regards

Thanks for the tip I will try it! I think I missused it a little…

w000w great render! very realistic

The rendering is very good, as is the neutral palette.

Wow, this scene is brilliant as a real room

Amazing work looks grate!

Thanks for all of your positive feedback! Attila

These are really detailed! I love the wood grains you used.

Wow. I am light years behind you. I’m determined to not let Cycles get the better of me, but you have clearly made them your bitch.

wooow, well done

An excellent one!

I would say go a little warmer with all of them and they would be perfect. I’m still learning Cycles…and Blender for that matter…so not quite sure whats causing your blowouts. That would be my only real criticism. Great images!!!

Still learning Blender but interested in its realtime poweress.Great work.I am sure it took hours to render.

Almost as in real life!

Nice work, especially the recliner chair. GREAT!