Famous actor

I painted the textures, no photos. Tell me who you think he is. if I did him well hopefully you will know.


bruce willis

Yeah. Bruce willis. :] And you did him pretty well except his mouth is a couple sizes too small.

Bruce willis

bruce willis?

Hmmm, I wonder if it’s Bruce Wills? Nice by the way!

brucey! know him anywhere. especially in a 3d render

Bruce Willis, and I think the mouth is fine, as he actually has a quite narrow food hatch.

It is Bruce, I asked because when you work on something and stare at the face believe or not it is hard ot see. By that I mean sometimes he looks dead on other times I’m not so sure. By the way the mouth is not off I checked and rechecked the size he also has a lower lip that looks that way and is a little crooked. I am working on a way to make the face look much more real like a photo. My next model is finished just have to texture and with my newer texture experiment hopefully will look incredible.


Yeah, it was something about the lips. Still though, the texture painting is pretty fantastic, there.

Great looking Bruce Willis action hero! Hehe, this made me laugh, great work!

Samuel L Jackson?

no image =\

He reminds me a bit of Jack Bauer…

I added more detail to him to make it more photographic. Deeper furrows in foreheqad, indentations overs eyebrow and crowsfeet. See what you think.


I’m sorry, I can’t get past the twisted lip. You have to fix that. It isn’t really that twisted. Something about it looks really distorted.

In the photo I was using he was making a bit of a face so his lip is crooked. I will straighten it a bit to make it look more normal. I aim to please


I like it the way it is. It’s very caricaturized/stylized. Good job!

Gary Busey? Oh wait the gargantuan teeth are’nt their. Nice how long did it take to model?

I fixed the lips even though they were crooked in the image,(they do look better though)
I put a light background so the skin color looks even better and I changed the camera angle slightly. My goal is to make it as real as a photo. I used to use flat colors but the models looked like store mannequins. Took me less than 3 hours to model but the texturing was about 4 to 5. that’s the hardest part anyway I am finished with this one
so hope you like it as is.