Fancy Modern Exterior

Good day, everyone!

I’m glad to publish this render here! So far I think it’s one of my best achievement in terms of realism, shading and lighting!

Hope you like it!


Marco Di Vita

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Btw: maybe are youll post other renders?

looks neat.fencing around plants is rusted?

I seem to be having trouble focusing on any one aspect of the render, maybe try from another angle that can direct the eyes to one part and go from there. Other than that, it’s a pretty decent render with nice lighting

Great image quality and the design is interesting.

Most Architects would be disturbed about the converging vertical lines. It does happens in Architectural photography but infrequently.

Blender gives us no tools to correct this afaik so correcting perspective in Photoshop is the only choice. Max (& vray) has had this feature for years and I miss it in Blender.

Good job.

Thanks! I will probably re-render the scene, cause after a couple of days I noticed something I’d like to change. The grass, for instance, would require more work in terms of shading. The floor in the foreground is a bit dull. And I’ll probably remove the tree on the right.

Thanks a lot!
The fence should be of a cherry wooden material, but it’s kinda impossible to show the grain and texturing; probably it wasn’t a good choice.


Thanks WeakFredo. Good point. Honestly I tried not to rotate the camera on its local x but I couldn’t find a way to frame the whole building without bringing it too up on the Z, so I decided to tilt it a bit. But you are perfectly right. It is not a good choice considered the small size of the house. I could have afforded a better framing just changing the resolution of the image.