fantabulous keyboard!

roll up…roll up…roll up!

yes, you maya and 3D studio max pro’s are in for a treat. for the keyboard of your dreams has arrived*

its super, its fantastic…its here!

the super dooper one touch wizard pro keyboard has arrived


  • 100% pure plastic body**
  • one hand crafted wizard pro® button***
  • 1M cord (serial connection)****

Warning!: may require use of index finger

*may not be your dream
**may not be plastic
***sold separately (RRP $499.99)
****based on estimate (may be shorter!)

(dont ask! waiting for an animation to finish rendering :p )


It’s nicly modeled! Maybe put it in a scene?

oh i like it how are you going to make an animation out of it?

henrymop: thanks :slight_smile: . ill add a plane with a wooden texture…unless you have any ideas for a scene you wna give me hint hint lol

ARABIAN KNIGH: thanks :slight_smile: .im not animating this scene, this model and post was something todo while i waited for another scene to be rendered (its for a commercial so its on pretty high settings)…check my website out for more details!