Fantastic Greenhouse Challenge

Hi! It is my submission for CG Boost “Fantastic Greenhouse” challenge in which I was lucky to take second place. Actually it is updated version as I didn’t had enough time to polish it before challenge ends :sweat_smile:


Everything was made and rendered with Cycles in Blender 2.8. Main shot is I would say 90% 3D and 10% some post-processing and working with passes, everything else is close to pure render. After the challenge I decided to make a couple more shots and experiment with volumectrics.

I spent on the project ~2 weeks, 5 days till the final submission and few days after. I also used Gravity Sketch VR as a starting point for setup a scene. Fear of deadline in 5 days forced me to reduce amount of details but I am still pretty happy with the outcome :slight_smile:

I will be happy to receive any critique. Feel free to ask if u have any questions :smiley: My main goal behind this project was to get more experience in creating “big scale” environments.

On my ArtStation you can find some more shots and a bit about process:


Bro, its awesome :smiley: seen it on reddit, looks like some kind of necropia :cold_face:

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Thx! Hehe it reminds me of HOMM3 :smiley: Wasn’t exactly my intention at the start but I decided to fell into the mood xD

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

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Wow really inspiring, how did you do all the trees and nature did you use a plug in?

It’s funny the roof reminds me of the Grand Palais in Paris. I would pay good money to do a tutorial on an image like this

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Very interesting. Any pointers on the forrest and the terrain poly count and rendering strategies?

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Impressing landscape scene

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This is one of the most beautiful artworks I have ever seen, Blender or otherwise. Who in the hell won first?


“Modular Tree” addon, “Ivy” built in blender addon and awesome free tree pack from alter’49. I am planing to do tutorial like that at some point :smiley: but no time for now :triumph:


Thanks! :star_struck::boom::boom:

this is incredible… epic work man

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Looks like something right out of a high budget movie, maybe Captain Planet had his own movie, it would be his lair / kingdom?

Did you simulate the water or something else? What about the rocks / cliffs, did you use the displace modifier, sculpt them, or model them?

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I did use particle system manipulated with force fields to create waterfalls. Metaballs were used to create mesh from particles. For cliffs it was displace modifier :smiley:

With this render you really crushed my chance of winning a price at this challenge (wasn’t expecting to win anyway :laughing:) but i am really interested how you did those volumetrics.
If it was done procedurally would you please show me the node layout?

This thing is better than a ruin found in skyrim. Very nice. Love the idea of using natural water system. Power generators could also be setup using the water.