Fantasy inn interior

this is one of my older (about 4 years ago) models of adventure game location with new textures and lighting. I am going to use it as visual guide for several prerendered scenes in my job.
It is not aimed to be realistic, rather atmospheric and somehow like in fairy tale story. I would appreciate any suggestions, crits ect. :slight_smile:

I already know about overlighting (overburn is that word?)some parts in far left corner.

And more “sane” version:D

Very impressive. I like the first one probably the most because it has a bit more vibrance in the color. The second one is good as well, because it has an overall brownish look, which I use for my fantasy/medival type looks.

I think the second has much more natural lighting. What is different here? It looks like an early morning light. Maybe the Inn keeper wouldn’t have cleaned up yet, I’d mess it up a bit. Maybe some carved graffiti on the near post.

The panels above the bar look a bit overly light though. And the barrels have a weird mapping of the slats? All good though I like this lots.

In “The Art of Lord of the Rings” there’s a concept drawing I was trying to model a while back that looked just like this. Nice render.

You’re barrels need work, looks like one side has a flipped normal or something and you’re looking inside it.

Cool image. :slight_smile: I like those fantasy settings.
But try to add a bump texture to the ground. Especially in the area near the camera the stones look very flat.
Are you planning to fill the room with people?

Very good. Floor textureing could be better. Try normal for the floor. About .20 .40 mabey even .50

Nice images. I prefer the background in the first one for the more vibrant colours but the foreground in the second one as it looks more realistic. Maybe a combination of the two?

I agree that the texturing of the barrels looks a bit odd, with the triangular planks at the ‘corners’. I haven’t seen a barrel constructed like that before.

Hi, thanks all for your comments, I´ll work on barrels and floor, there will be more more objects too :slight_smile:

looks great as always tol. i think your normals map is backwards on the floor though.

Arguable - it could be a mistake, but there is a stone laying technique that has raised mortar, but it’s usually used on walls not floors, so that may well be the texture mistake.

The barrels behind the bar need some work however - looks like they are cube-mapped rather than cylinder. The effect makes their sides look flat.

Are you aiming for a morning-after or another effect?

It’s looking good, with just a few little texturing issues here and there.


oooh so cool… I think the second is the best… its a bit lighter… :slight_smile:

oh my, i feel very old. i remember when you first did this scene in firelight :eek:

looking good, no crits to add to those already mentioned.

How about some bump mapping?

Great work texturing and modelling, it only needs a little better lighting and a high end render. At the moment it looks like doing hard work and not getting rewarded :slight_smile:

good work

The inn looks nice :slight_smile:
There’s one thing I’d say: the light coming in through the windows is too strong. I think, personally, that the scene would be more atmospheric at night, with a fire place somewhere in the scene and several candles/lanterns as the only light source.
That’s my idea
Good luck!