Fantasy monastery and the cardinal

Funny is… black and white.

It all kicked off when the stained glass came in. I never intended to create such a scene. First I took a picture of some floor mosaic in a coffee shop (yes, before those coronavirus times), then started doing a set for a jewelry render, then came in that stained glass idea, and then well, I needed some kind of church or monastery scene because of the stained glass, then the colors started to be my guide, and I kept working with the lights and colors, modeling anything required or bringing in some of my old models (the cardinal is actually a saint, “El Santo Niño de Atocha” that I modeled a couple of years ago for a jewelry design client and made in gold).
The resulting scene is weird, fantastic, and comical all at once.

Who’s face did I use for the characters face texture? Any guess?

WIP Thread was there Fantasy monastery WIP rendering with Luxcore 2.3

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