Fantasy scythe

Looking for feed back mainly on the organic part that I sculpted, any other comments are more than welcome too.



Cool design. Reminds me of Darksiders 2 :slight_smile:

Looks Cool, my focused critique would be focussed on the blade. some of the edges are softened by the Subsirf I guess, especially the points at the wholes in the blade. My advice would be to try the edgesplitmodifier, and if that doesn’t work well enough select the edges that should be sharp in edgemode and press ‘Spacebar’ and type in ‘edge split’ spress enter. :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what is your inspiration for this? It’s very unique looking, never seen anything like it personally. I would say remove the two cutout parts of the bottom of the main blade, they feel kind of unnecessary to me. I would think the bottom would be for clean cuts, the top for that kind of snagging cut. Cool looking though, would like to see it textured.

Thanks, I have some concept art that my brother did and I took it from there. Liking it so far. Don’t know how I feel about the additions tho. Any ideals or references I should use.

Design good, modeling good, interface Awesome!

Where did you get that color scheme?

Btw just one thing I would make the fleshy parts more crisp.

Its a great work i think.

But in my opinion the bottom blade looks a little bit unfinished in comparison to the top.
Maybe you could ad some of the fleshy parts there too. So it show some more connection to the rod.