Fantasy Swamp....WIP

Hey all I have a picture I’ve drawn out that is a fantasy creepy swamp. I just got this random idea, so I’m going to give it my best shot!

Would you guys like a pic of the drawn picture? Not sure if I should show one, or if I should just get to work…

show us the pic. That way we can give you some advice on the basic concept, but only if it needs it :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a little swamp dwelling, and I want the surrounding area to be misty, and looking dingy. I also want some firelight to shine through the crack in the door and the window. Also there will be curtains hanging in the window. That image was just a roughly drawn concept, and the photo was taken with my phone, so yeahh, it doesnt look very interesting…

I think It’ll look good.

It looks intresting there is many reasons for that it is quite good for animation the roof can be a grass or something i don’t know. Nice lightening come out from window… You have to work with really good textures in this work i think…

Ok Im stuck on a choice. Blender Internal? or Cycles? The only problem I see, is grass in Cycles. Unless someone can point me in the direction of something that will show me how to do grass in cycles proportionately?

there was a topic hear about that so i think there will be no problem. Use Cycles…

Well in that case, here is an internal shot of how far I am now.

hmm, maybe i didnt do very well…

Modeling looks good.

should i use an alpha mapped tree for the background trees? Or maybe I should just use a cylinder over and over?..
No i feel an alpha mapped tree would be better… I think I just answered my own question. Would you happen to know where I can find a cycles Grass Tutorial?

you can’t use hair particles in cycles, but here’s another method:

oh wow that will be perfect! And as a little treat in thanks, here is the textureing almost finished on the wooden hovel!
Can I please get a rating on a scale of 1-10, and the neatness of the texture? 1-crappy 10-wonderful! Please :]

Give me some interesting supports? Tell me what I could do to make it better.

Already planned changes:
the window will have a sill, and also wood sidings, so it wont look exactly like that. It will have more detail.
The door will have hinges, as well as a handle on it. they will be textured as metal, and also rust. So rusty metal? Eh whatever…
also some rock steps leading to the house :slight_smile: so almost done.
also rusty metal bracings for the door, kinda like the side of a old barrel?

not much progress, I was actually buying paint from Dollar General so my friend can paint the room silver n black, because we are making it into a tattoo shop…interesting huh! Well anyways that concludes this update, also I think for underneath the water I should put a seamless dirt texture to make the water look more…‘murky’

anyways, thanks for your guy’s support so far! I look forward to continueing this image tomorrow ;D

Texture looks about a 7, possibly some more variation? Mold maybe? Some dirt? I think that you should have a texture actually on the water with low transparencies for the dirt. Anyways, it all looks good :]

thank you :] this is my first active project ever :] ah well, I hope I’m being the best I can! Anyways Im gonna continue a little right now :[

Hey check it out! I think it looks great so far, but heres some suggestions from my friend, and I would also like to hear your guy’s:

Flower pots, or as the great Andrew Price says, My scene is pretty devoid of plant life. I need to spruce it up!

Rock stepping stones in front of the house

Grass sproutings around the stump, and other stuff.

Water needs improvement…

Now for a personal question!

Can you guys tell me if there is a way for me to make this look as if it fades into mist while using cycles? Any good links, or suggestions would be appreciated!

Yeah, I dont know if it will work in cycles but i remember Andrew’s tunnel tutorial…he did that in the compositor, but i dunt remember how exactly.

thanks ill look into it.