Fantasy Village

Hi everyone!
This is a personal project i’ve been doing in my spare time, For the design of the structures, I looked for references of stilt houses, granaries and huts
I learned that for the stilts they can use bamboo but also a type of tree (Luma) that can grow up to 25 meters and last up to 100 years and grows in Chile and Argentina, not relevant but it was interesting for me.

when i posted a preview of this to Reddit, people told me that this structures looks like Kilika port from Final Fantasy X also Mist and kenshi.

FFX is one of my favorite games, I played it like 15 years ago but didn’t remember this area of the game so it was a nice surprise.

all models made by me, modeled in blender and textured in substance, cycles rendering.


Cool level design.

Change lighting or effects for something more natural, all assets and whole level looks too much white, until this is what you want.


Thanks!! That’s the look i wanted, i did’t want a realistic scene.

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Very ‘Myst’


Great work, congrats.

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I know the area you’re talking about, it was one of my favorite looking areas in FFX. Final Fantasy X would be my top pick for a game to get a current gen remake.

Anyways, great fantasy architecture. Love the look. (Admittedly, the people in contemporary clothing don’t really look like they belong, but were probably easier to source than fantasy characters that fit the scene would’ve been, and they make the scene looked more lived in than an empty scene would have been)


Thanks so much!!

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yes, many people told me that!!

Thank you! yes i just wanted the scene to look alive.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much! have a great weekend too!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you, i appreciate it!

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