Farewell Gaturis

Though short lived, she was a gift in learning how to grow, snuggle, and to live. I’ll always be grateful! :heart:

I made this with my painterly work, done with Eevee, then re-rendered on canvas in Eevee.



Yep, cats are delightful creatures. I feel for your loss. Our “grand old man” is turning 16 next week.

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He’s had an excellent run!!! What an honour to have shared that.

I think with time, we will share more love to a new life soon.

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Someone wise once said:
This was a pet you had in your life, but for the pet you were it’s whole life.


That’s a kind thought. ::

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much for the titan work of promoting this art and everyones art! And sharing it around. You really succeed at making us feel special and a part of the community, thanks Bart!