Farid & The Apple (10sec Animation)

hello everyone :slight_smile:
i’m a new membre of this forum
so i will introduce myself
my name is : Anouar
and i am a blender artist from : Algeria
this is a 10sec animation i’ve made recently to get trained on animation
the title of the animation is “Farid And The Apple” (farid is the charcter name!!)
i would like to see your reviews
ps: everything was made by me (modeling, texturing,animation…etc.)

no replies??!!!

Hello, Anouar, nice work. When something is done well, there s no much feedback on the entry - but if you asked for my critique, I would not the animation being somehow constrained…

“…I would NOTE the animation being somehow constrained…”

You lack acme style in animating character… I mean the gestures need to be more of sweeping and emotions more excited (acme MTV style). Either you make bid on animation, OR you try to make textures more exquisite and detailed.

Otherwise you need to agree that your aplle looks as if its made of tin. That would do if it made some frequent and querky actions, not just resting on table

It’s New Years, dude.

Well, it was New Years.

Now that it’s no longer New Years, let’s see…

When the character looks at the apple for the first time, he recoils, but the audience does not know why. Give us a shot of the other side of the apple with the worm hole in it, so we know what is going on. I thought the ending was abrupt. The audience needs some time to absorb the character’s reaction before you switch to the credits.

I think you are going overboard on the TEN SECOND ANIMATION!!! bit. Nobody cares exactly how long your animation is, unless you are entering the contest at the 11 second club.

Is your first name Algerian? Oh, no, you are FROM Algeria. You are advertising the fact that you are Algerian. I am not sure why you want to do this. I am sure you are proud to be an Algerian, however, most people are proud of who they are, but don’t go splashing it all over their animations.

first, thank you for your comment and critique
1- he recoils becuase the apple did move !
2- i did this animation to get trained on animation … that’s why it is short and that’s why i want your critiques
3- i think everyone is free to choose his artistic name
thank you so much

good work man your very versatile

Yes, the apple did move, but it isn’t obvious that it moved on its own. Farid reaches for the apple and, from the camera angle, may be touching it when it begins to move. You need some visible air space between his hand and the apple to sell the idea that the apple moves on its own.

I am not critiquing the length of your animation, just your addition of the words “10 second animation” to the titles, the poster, this thread… The message I get from that is: “Oh, wow, I am so impressed with myself to have made 10 whole seconds of animation!” Now, that may or may not be true, but it gives the impression of noobishness, which I think you would want to avoid when presenting your work to the public. Besides, your animation, which includes titles and credits, by the way, is about half a minute long, not ten seconds.

Yes, you are free to pick whatever artistic name you like. My critique of your choice has to do with the perception of that choice by a member of your audience. It immediately raises the question, “Why is the artist making an issue of where he is from?” Is this really something you want to bring into an artistic experience?

thank you ^^

yes you are right…i should make sure to have some visible air space between his hand and the apple…thanx for this remark ^^

oh no, i said it is 10 sec animation so people won’t expect that it is like 3 or 4 min long animation so they know it’s very short because it was just an animation i’ve done during my training to try to improve my animation skills(10 sec is the animation time without title and credits )… and yes i am kind of newbie in animation part and i am trying to learn more and have more experience…nothing wrong with being newbie ^^ we all have to pass thru this ^^ and i am here to have more experience and to learn from those Who have more experience then i do …so thank you for your critiques… i really appreciate it ^^