Fast 100 USD for the first/best taker... Easy model and render

Hi All,

I need to get a mock-up sketch over to my Solid Works engineer in the next couple days, and then on to our factory. Unfortunately I am stuck overseas due to COVID without my laptop (only iPad and borrowed laptop a few mins a day). I won’t be back to my PC for almost a week :frowning:

What’s needed is pretty simple for an experienced artist (sorry, no big challenges today…):

  • A pool cue (I imagine simply a lathed/rotated spline, or extruded/smoothed mesh cylinder) model and blender model file. Just the detail of the collar and screw (brushed metal) added to the end of the cue.
  • A material that resembles the shiny specular surface of a polished hard surface (you can google pics of cues), and slight subsurface scatter (very slight - like a phenolic pool ball material).
  • A few renders from different angles so that the engineer can see the shape and get the idea…

As a very oldskool 3d artist (20 years ago), I would normally knock this up pretty fast in Maya or Max, but I don’t have a license (for years now) and as I said, no PC. I downloaded blender on a borrowed MacBook, but only had an hour and never used Blender before. I got as far as extruding the shape along the splines I drew, but ran out of time.

If someone wants to take this on, I can pay 100 USD, send you the 2d pdf files to draw from, and even send you the Blender model I started at the internet cafe. Please include links to examples/portfolio!



I can help.
PM Sent , please check it.

Best Regards,
Lauren W.

I’ve send you a PM,
Thanks for the opportunity!

Hi Lauren, I require a portfolio. Sorry if I missed that? Do you have a link?

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