fast Day/Night cycle demo

Based on [Robert Kooimas]( [GPU Day-Night Illumination Tutorial]( I created a simple day-night cycle skydome setup to put in your projects. It is easy to use and is really fast. I could easely replicate the shader in Node editor, but it requires Suns XYZ position.


sky.blend (330 KB)

LMB + Mouse movement: moves sun
Spacebar: rotates skydome

Very fast!

very nice!

you are a blender GOD!

wow, this is impressive!

Ok, I am totally going to put this in the game I am working on like ASAP, awesome work Martinsh.

Love the setup. :yes:
Thought I’d post the result of my own 20 minute attempt at adding clouds:

Fascinating…and well made, of course!
Thank you for sharing!

thanks, people!
Those clouds look wonderful, needs lighting though.

Amazing! Probably going to implement this in my flight simulator.

really amazing… should be built into blender

hmmmm…didn’t you make a procedural cloud/sky blend some time ago? Either way, I’m going to combine it :stuck_out_tongue:

HOLY S**T! i have searching for this a LONG time! AMAZING!:D:D:D

i made this work for 2.6 maybe it will be useful


sky2.5+.blend (832 KB)

thank you for the 2.6 version.

Forgive me for reviving this old thread. It seems that when the sun is at high noon, it fades to night for a few moments then fades back to day. Has anyone been able to solve this issue?

Hi! I did not know this night/day cycle .blend. That’s awesome as all what you did. Thanks for sharing.

I also noticed that it fade to night for a few moments when the sun is on the highest point (high noon) and when it’s night and the sun is on the lowest point it fade to day for few moments, but at the moment I can’t find the exact reason for this.

Hi! I’ve made an extended version of the file, adding a working skydome and horizon color animation.

It’s for UPBGE only for now, because I started with it, and if you try opening it in regular Blender the materials are all messed up, but I’ll try to put together a BGE version too.

The problem you’ve been having with the sky turning to night in the middle of the day only happens when the sun lamp is exactly on the top center of the half sphere, making the sun move so it never aligns with it bypasses the problem.

I’m sorry, but the demo does not mean - you can … be careful.

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