FAST-National University Karachi Campus , Sindh , Pakistan

There is no much description about this image , yea it is a little photoshopped !!! and Also this is totally Blender-Render with HDRI & AO… and i hope i can get any THUMBS UP on this?

Why did’nt you use the Cycles Render? You can also use bump maps to give your materials realism. Overall,it’s pretty good!

Looks Okay.
Could use a bit detail and the windows look opaque, you know how windows are, don’t you?
Any reason you didn’t use cycles render?
3 stars.

Yes i do know how to do windows , but i was too quick for a render :S and where to start with reasons for not using Cycles , first My Computer Specs sucks! its a Core 2 Duo , with 4 gig of ram and GT 630!! So you can say how this was going to go with Cycles :smiley: , Second I am a learner not a professional so I dont got that much time to leave this for days to render… Third and most important reason there is electricity problem in our country ( Pakistan ) and seriously i would really hate if I am on 90% render and computer shuts down -_- SO! :smiley: Thats why Blender Render! :smiley:

But I REALLY REALLY appreciate your comments , i thought the community is dead :smiley: or my renders really suck:D

I think the reason for bad windows is the reference i think or I forgot something there :smiley:

You got some pretty solid reasons.
You could switch to a laptop
My laptop takes 3 days for 5000 samples(For a complex scene).
And you still have 2 hours of battery.
But that still depends on the time of the power shutdown:no:

Its okay…
All people were like you when they started off with blender.

You took the correct reference image.
The bricks and color are wrong in your render
And alot of stuff could use detail like the gate and the stairs.
Modeling is much easier if you take a blueprint.

Yup any the only thing is i am not that new with blender (almost a year) working with blender :slight_smile: though i didn’t created anything great in particular but you can check my posts!

This was my orignal render with composting :S (excuse the middle part of the building because i think i replaced my texture :S) but yea i created pretty much as the reference , shouldn’t have color-corrected that much :confused: !!!