Fast OBJ importer (C++, much faster than the build-in importer)

if the obj object has more than 1000k vertices,use the build-in obj importer will be very slow sometimes take half an hour since it is written with python.
I written this OBJ importer using C++ is much faster than the python implement.
although it not be optimized with code. I will continue improve the speed of import in the next version.

there is no exporter currently , but will make it.

import 10000k face obj takes about 1 minutes(7 time faster than the build -in importer)

OBJ importer for (blender 2.81 for windows x64 only)
IMDJS_io_obj C (20191221_).zip (375.8 KB)
update 20191205 Fix known bugs
update 20191206 shorten half of the import time compare to the previous version
update 20191208 fix the bug of edge can’t be seen
update 20191213 Improve the speed of importing

updade to 2.90+
now It can import obj and exports as obj
IMDJS_io_obj(C++) (501.7 KB)


Why not submit this to ? So it is included in the trunk. However I am pretty sure that you will need to reformat your code so it is in English only.


getting an error when trying to import an obj -

It’d be great to have faster obj import, trying with a 1.5gb 3d scan

current blender obj importer - 307sec
zbrush - 22sec
maya - 26sec

Wow very fast, thank you. I’d like to see this in the trunk. Congratulation

I will put all the code to GitHub when it become stable.
the reason it will get error, is I don’t consider all the data of obj , some data like material or group are not read now.


Got the same error here…

hope it will fix soon

Why make this as a separate DLL? Why not submit a patch to Blender so that it can be part of Blender itself?


getting the same error here :frowning:

update 20191205 Fix known bugs




I got this error when import obj…but can’t recognize the message…

do you using the newest version of addon? or your obj file path is not full English?
can you give me the full path of your obj file? (not obj file) I need to know the file path.

Thanks for your quick reply

And Yes I using the latest 20191205 version, and the file path is very simple just as a dirve name like as “C:”, and of course the file name is full English as well.

I have same problem.

update to 20191205_1 fix this error.

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Wow cool~~

I tried this latest version and it’s works very well

here is my test. A 126 mb obj file (aroud 2.75 million poly)

Vanilla blender 2.82 alpha version 57.50 s

Your Fast obj importer 26.3s

that’s is so cool ~~


update 20191206 : shorten half of the import time compare to the previous version

It’s blazingly fast, thanks!
But latest version makes objects to hide their wireframe rendering it’s unselectable in wireframe mode.

Also there’s no edges and faces in Edit Mode:

Is anything could be done with this?

Also I’m getting constant Blender crash trying to import this file: Cylinder.rar (36.7 KB)

crash to me too in another objects

update 20191208 fix the bug of edge can’t be seen.
now your obj Cylinder.rar can be imported.

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