Faster Cycles Rendering - V0.4.1 of Crowdrender released

Hi there :blush: So, me and the guys at Crowdrender have been quiet of late, but we’ve just released another update to our distributed rendering addon for Blender. It’s a neat way to speed up rendering without having to use hacks, or special/custom builds of Blender as its an addon and just works with the official 2.93 and 3.0 builds of Blender.

First, a bit of a spoiler, V0.4.1 is not available for free, at least not at the moment. We’re using a similar model to what HDRI haven has used where the latest builds are available to paid supporters of the addon, but as the amount of support increases, we unlock more recent versions. Good news is we’ve made V0.3.1 available for free if you want to test Crowdrender out. It’s compatible with Blender 2.93 as well.

If you’d like to know more about this release, and watch a tutorial on how to install and get Crowdrender setup, I’ve written an article and filmed a tutorial which you can find using this link to our website → Making Blender Faster with Crowdrender V0.4.1

Take care and happy multinode Blending :smiley: