Faster games?

(OmegaPrime1) #1

I was wondering if anyone knows on any good methods to speed up
the game play once u create your games.

(lizard809) #2

make sure the vertex count and texure resolution are fairly low

(ndnchief) #3

Once you have finished your game, you can change all LogicBricks to Python, this will speed it up… It is posible for the beginner, believe it or not. There is documentation on all the alternative Python commands for the LogicBrick commands. So even the beginner can fumble through it successfuly. Though it can cause a major headache… LOL…

The NDN…

(ndnchief) #4

Also the Basic stuff, Keep face counts down, Use Jpeg for texture wherever possible, limit use of targa, etc… etc…

The NDN…

(OOPz) #5

reduce the number of collision polys by ghosting the scenery (or high poly/unreachable parts of) and adding a new invisible contact mesh/mesh parts

…(face mode in the paint buttons)

(joecool) #6

Putting things in different layers help.
Also, if you modify the texture (Vertex shading, etc.) Render it, and save it as jpg, then use that texture.

(rav_bhara) #7

I think reflection mapping does take the piss sometimes, so dont use too much, i dunno, does the reducing the draw distance help???

(Yamyam) #8
  • If you make a game with Publisher2.25, You can use “setVisible()” method to Objects.(This don’t work at Creator 2.23)
import Rasterizer

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
near = cont.getSensor("Near")
objs = near.getHitObjectList()

if objs:
	for obj in objs:

This script is used in Camera object.
You must use script with Near Sensor named “Near” and link this.

  • only use “add” and “alpha” textures that you need.

  • reduce texture size.

(wavk) #9

Yep, reducing the draw distance helps a lot… not only for speed, but it’s great if you have a complex mesh. Especially for vid cards with a 16 bit z-buffer. Making the distance between clipsta and clipend as small as possible will also increase the precision of the z-buffer and prevents faces from overlapping. Not really relavent here, but usefull…

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