Faster use of xml.

I was thinking about adding a raymir blur to a material I’m working with. Problem is, I’d like to do all my test renders with the reflective blur present, but it would be really annoying having to, every time, export the file to xml, open it up in notepad, add the extra code for blur, and call yafray with command prompt, when all I have to do without the blur is press the render button. It wouldn’t be a problem if all I wanted to do was add the effect after everything else, but having to otherwise repeat the same process about 3 dozen times? I think I’ll pass. Is there any faster way to do this?

I fear not…I used it once…after a few testrenders, I simply left it as it is and just added the code for the final render again.

But there’s another method of doing this, which is probably more convenient anyway - add a very small cloud texture and use it as bump map. This more or less simulates the effect and blurs reflections, too. It should heavily decrease rendering time, as well (at least it did for me)…which is the side effect why I’m probably not going to use Yafray’s blurred reflections anymore.