Faster way to layout duplicate UV Shells/Islands

Hi. I’m having trouble with an UV map. I modeled a dress, marked the seams, then applied the solidify modifier. After that I marked the seams of the ,solidified’’ rims. Unwrapped, then got this. (see picture). The problem is that there are a lot of UV shells, some of them the same, others that just need flipping.(S Click X -1). Is there something in blender to overlap the similar shells instantly ? Overlapping so many shells manually is really time consuming… I want to export this to Unity…

Moved from “Modeling” to “Materials and Textures”

Why would you need to overlap anything? All you really need to do here is move the long noodly pieces to a more confined area so you can space out a few of the other islands more efficiently. Should take you no more than two minutes.