Faster way to layout duplicate UV Shells/Islands

(Darksider) #1

Hi. I’m having trouble with an UV map. I modeled a dress, marked the seams, then applied the solidify modifier. After that I marked the seams of the ,solidified’’ rims. Unwrapped, then got this. (see picture). The problem is that there are a lot of UV shells, some of them the same, others that just need flipping.(S Click X -1). Is there something in blender to overlap the similar shells instantly ? Overlapping so many shells manually is really time consuming… I want to export this to Unity…


(Jason van Gumster) #2

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(K Horseman) #3

Why would you need to overlap anything? All you really need to do here is move the long noodly pieces to a more confined area so you can space out a few of the other islands more efficiently. Should take you no more than two minutes.