FastLoop Mesh Tool (adds to Tool Shelf)

(metalliandy) #1

Hey all,

I have been wanting to make this script for ages :slight_smile:

FastLoop (current version 0.1.6) Updated on 18th Feb. 2011

This script enables the fast creation of multiple loops on a mesh and is much faster than the standard Loopcut and Slide button that is currently available in 2.5 when adding multiple loops.

1)Click the FastLoop button on the Tool Shelf to activate the tool.
2)Hover over the mesh in the general area where you would like a loop to be added (shown by a highlight on the mesh).
3)Click once to confirm the loop placement
4)place the loop and then slide to fine tune its position.
5)Repeat 1-4 if needed
6)Press Esc. twice to exit the tool.

Thanks go to Crouch and zeffii for all the help they have given me :slight_smile: Cheers guys!

Hopefully it will be of use :slight_smile:

And a quick video of the script in action :slight_smile:



(Ace Dragon) #2

While it does look faster than the built in edge-loop tool, I think it would be even faster, more useful, and more intuitive with the ability to place multiple loops at once along with the proportional loop functionality from 2.4x (useful for edge-loops with uneven thickness where the cut line takes the profile of one of the sides)


(iluvblender) #3

Very cool… Tried it out… works like a charm :slight_smile:


(metalliandy) #4

You can still use all the functionality of the standard Loopcut and Slide :slight_smile:
So multiple edge loops by using MMB up/down is still possible…i should have put it in the video really. I will add it to the next video :slight_smile:

Thanks for tying it out :slight_smile:


(metalliandy) #5

Hey guys,

I have just uploaded an amended version this script for compatibility reasons, due to a resent API change with the script meta information that stopped the addons showing in the prefs. window and stopped the FastLoop! button showing in the Tools shelf.

They will now work with recent builds and have been tested with r34674!…



(metalliandy) #6

Fixed the registering so it will now work with recent builds and has been tested with r34958!


(RickyBlender) #7

tested in 976

only problem i see is that when i press on the X at top right
it takes a long time to turn off blender !

have you seen this ?



(metalliandy) #8

Yea, Sorry about that :frowning:
Im dont think there is much i can about it at the moment.

A work around is to minimise and then maximise Blender


(RickyBlender) #9

may be it’s a bug
try reporting it as a bug and see what happen !

happy 2.5


(anonb) #10

Not at all a bad idea way to work around the ctrl r shortcut. However I’d like another kind of loop tool. If you know cinema 4D you might understand what I mean: I’d like to see aloop tool for loop select and ring select working the way that c4d does.In cinema 4d you move the mouse cursor over the edge,vertex or face that you want to loop and it shows the highlighted loop, then press lmb and it’s applied,same for ring.That’s something that blender really neeeds to speed up the workflow.