Fat Mo's Factory - BWC finalist entry

I thought I’d post the my entry to the Blender World Cup finals here as well, to get some crits on it (the BWC forums are a bit empty…)
The topic for the previous round was a cartoon flying or land vehicle. In this final round, the vehicle had to be placed into a scene, which could involve some tension, or perhaps a funny situation.


Here is a very high-res render (1800*1350), to do justice to the details:


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wellsince noone is criting and replying, wich iwas waiting for cause im lazy, its a very nice peice and origenal, why is the gate/fence missing parts i think its ment to be like that, the modeling is nice, same with the toon shading looks really cool :P. i cant find anything seriose to crit on, meaning i like it ;).

I can’t find anything I don’t like here either. Makes me crazy to think how much work went into this. Big thumbs up!!