i made fat in the hat, my bros idea


edit: ok, I fixed it


I like the fuzzy hat, but I wouldn’t have known what the fat was if you hadn’t said. It looks like a lump of CG something. Maybe some SSS or finer distortion mapping on the fat texture.

looks like mercury, you should colour it a fatty colour

it doenst look like fat. looks like a blob of metal. i recomend you make it look like fat. and the BG should be changed.

I also like the fuzzy hat, but the fat looks pretty much like melted metal.

I’m sure you could imrpove it a bit. It’s still pretty nice, especially the hat.

EDIT - Oh yeah, the BG should be changed. I hate that blue default BG :smiley:


I wouldn’t touch that fat if I were you. Not only that fat is bad for you, but this one contains some 98% of mercury! Even more toxic than fat itself!