Trying to get some more hard surface practice in by modeling one of my favorite weapons from Destiny, the Fatebringer:

I have most of the basic pieces in place, except for a bracket behind the cylinder (google tells me the proper term for this is a “recoil shield”?) and another bracket for the front light under the barrel. Plus adding small details like screws, fasteners, notches, etc. My knowledge of both hard-surface modeling and firearms are at their limits on this one, so pointing out anything I’m doing wrong is greatly appreciated.


Info on the original weapon: http://destiny.wikia.com/wiki/Fatebringer

looks cool. I think you have alot of verts for the lack of detail in the handle and the thing behind the light. overall looks good though Hard surface modeling is fun.

very good stuff. clean topology and nice clean surfaces.
If you plan to do texturing later, you may want to avoid using Ngons though…

Very nice! The modeling looks very good! :slight_smile:

Updates. Finished the hammer assembly, lots of little details, redid several parts (handgrip, lower rail, trigger guard, sights). I got ahold of an official (but very low-res) model via the Destiny STL Generator, which was really helpful for checking details and proportions): http://www.destinystlgenerator.com/

Think I’m happy with the mesh now. Going to UV unwrap this, and make a copy to 3D print (that’s going to be a new adventure). I’ll post updates on the print and painting too!

Got the first printed pieces from my friend with the printer!

We had to split the handgrip in half in order to get it to print sanely, too many weird and rounded surfaces. Other bits to come hopefully in the next few days.