Faulty import scripts

I am more of a game programmer than a Blender artist but I still do some of my own artwork in Blender. I also use Blender to get my files into the correct format. I usually go to www.turbosquid.com to download 3D models for my games but they are not always in the correct format. Every time that I try to import a 3DS file or a MAX file, I always get that {Python script error, check console} warning. :mad: ! Along with no file in my display. I was wondering, are there any other scripts that you could point me to? (namely, ones that don’t cause errors)

What was the message that appeared in the console?

How do you get TO the console? (Sorry, noob) :o

Hello? Any help? Was my question really THAT bad?

If you are using windows, there will be a black box that appears behind the blender window like this:


Notice that there is an error message in it. This is what will appear when Blender says “Python script error, check console”

My error says:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "Text", Line 1, in ?
ImportError: No module named aModuleThatDoesntExist

So, what does your error say?

Or do you not use windows? If so, I have no experience with other operating systems and Blender.