Hello. I started a new “Faun” project. In the entire process works will “timepase”. The first video - head. Thank you for attention.

Looks good so far!

I’m aware it’s a stylistic choice but im not sure i’m a fan of his philtrum (the push in you got from the nasal cartilage to the vermilion border of lips) Thats alot of space there and the philtrum starts halfway anatomically speaking.

Keep updating I’m keeping an eye on this :)!

Thank you. I agree with you and i will fix it.:yes:

Hello. The second part of the video (sculpting the faun’s torso+more) of the project “Faun”

Thank you for attention)

Hello. Faun’s rigging video. Rigging is made for setting a character in a static pose with completion in the sculpt. (Not animation) Thanks for watching!)

Inspiring. Lot of learning from thier Video. Will help me on my project also.
Good material work would make your image a class apart.

Hello!) Next video-“Posing”:

Or a Satyr?

Nice work. Keep it up.

You had me at hello.

This guy just made me want to ditch zbrush forever.

next update)

I think I like it a lot!!! he looks very interesting, and the detail helps a lot to give it an strong character.