Faveorite old game thread.

Old Dos games are my faveorite type of game, along with Dreamcast. I really light the colors and graphcis and music fo the old dos games.

Some games that are cool:

Crystal Caves
Cosmo Canyon
Duke Nukem 1
Blake Stone
Jill of the Jungle
Secrent Agent
Commander Keen

My favorite thing about the graphcis of these old games are the stars, like this:

Gravity force, amiga at its best.

Oh, and monkey island (1&2) all the way!

When I was a kid and lived in Japan, I was a bit of an arcade addict. Tabletop games were the best there… My favorite at the time was Moon Cresta, we all called it Benjo Flies.

I go through Doom and Doom 2 from time to time.

Alright this is gonna hurt a little:

Monster Bash
Attack of the Mutant Space Bats
Commander Keen (already listed, but it’s fun)
Clyde’s Adventure (surprised no one listed it yet)
Clyde’s Revenge (sequel to the above)
Asteroids (revisioned with semi-3d graphics)
Spit-Wad Willy
Hugo’s House of Horrors I, II, III (no better text-walkabout game, not even Peasant’s Quest)
Jazz Jackrabbit (it’s DOS right? can’t believe i forgot this one)
Elfland (i love smacking birds out of the air with a flash berry)
Chex Quest (my first FPS, and quite possibly the only one i’m good at)

Mario 1, 2, 3 (obviously)
Duckhunt (ditto)
Captain Skyhawk
Donkey Kong Jr.

Super Nintendo
Mario 4
Mario RPG
Final Fantasy 4, 6
Gundam Wing Endless Dual (yay, anime fighter!!)
G Gundam (yay, more of the same!)
DBZ 1, 2, 3 (ok, now that’s a bit much…)
MegamanX 1, 2 (still need to play 3)

Sonic 1, 2, 3, &Knuckles (totally awesome of course)
Golden Axe
Streets of Rage
Super Hang-On

That’s all for now. Also, I refuse to believe that the Dreamcast is an “old” system, simply because it kicked so much ass, only it did it too prematurely, and no one realized that their asses were being kicked. I mean, seriously, almost-PS2 graphics during the PSone and N64 era? why did no one grab it? It’ll be old when the games become downloadable for the Wii.

Additionally, if anyone likes those old-timey DOS games, i’ve got a website for you: http://www.dosgames.com/
so cool. note that dos games are not emulators, but are free simply because they are really old. And the other games may be obtained through other means, whether legal or not, your choice.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego ye olde DOS style was bloody brilliant
Commander Keen is nice too.
Oh and definitely Skyroads as faust said, that is one of the greatest piece of programming ever

i still want to know how they got the perspectives in that game… the tracks were brilliant.

Gotta love Wolfenstein 3D!!! :smiley:
Then the next was Dangerous Dave,
followed by Supaplex.

I loved Monkey Island and Cosmos (or something like that). Myst I was awesome too

Zaxxon - still one of the best games ever imo

Anything from the original Atari 2600 console. Those were the days.


Monkey Island, Ocarina of time, Dune ll… Ooh, and Captain Comic for DOS (my first game, teehee)

Oh, yeah, Captin Comic. Man, that’s was really good action.

A couple of days ago I refound an old flame of mine: Rampage for Amstrad CPC. Only difference is, that when I, or my brother and I actually, had Amstrad back in the 80’s, we had green (just like the name suggest, there’s only colors of green displayed) display for it, so it’s quite a treat now playing it in color with an emulator.
But the fun never ceaces, when you hammer buildings down as a gargantuous lizard, wolf or ape mutant.

And Barbarian. That was cool back then and it’s cool now. Two men, armed with sowrds, dueling to the death.

Of course there’s those old Sierra and Lucasfilm games as well, but those are for PC. :smiley:

edited my first post, in case anyone is interested in a list of my favorite old games. mmm, almost moldy…

All adventure games!

Montezuma !!!

hehe, that was the stupidest game, I have no idea why it was so addictive though :eek:

good thread henry

in no order, mostly pc games:

Fallout 1 and 2 (still the best RPGs of ALL TIME. yes, I said it.)
mechwarrior 2
wing commander 2
X-COM games
Grim Fandango
Full Throttle
Sam & Max Hit the Road
X Wing, B-Wing and Tie Fighter
command and conquer (original) and C&C red alert II (with yuri’s revenge)
populous (!!!)
Actraiser 2
Final fantasy 4 and 6 (2 and 3 in the states)
wolfenstein 3d
FUCKING syndicate I & II, probably my favorites of all time (why have there been no more sequels? WHYYYYY???)
simcity 1
The incredible machine 1, 2, 3

and there are so many more apart from obvious zeldas and marios…