Favorite nation of origion you prefer your game/talent shows from

I mean are the Japanese ones the best or the American ones, British ones, Saudi Arabian ones, ect…

I think Japan still takes the cake for origional gameshows, I love Ninja Warrior, Unbeatable Banzuke is cool too, there’s a whole bunch of old ones like the one known as MXC which are interesting too.

American ones though, it’s mainly all about brain and trivia and dumb culture, most of the biggest ones are American Idol copies, most others are just question shows. There is a silver lining though, American Gladiators still goes strong and Wipeout is a funny new show that actually is not incredibly stupid or question based (a relief for American game shows). However, the one right after it sounds stupid and sounds like it tries too hard to be like what they air in Japan.

forigen games shows are a little too weird for me. i cant watch them without my jaw hitting the floor in, disgusted pity? yea, thats a good way to say it. like seriously, its sad what some people would do to get on tv and be noticed.
but american game shows bore me to the end of my mental capacity. id rather watch the discovery channel and fall asleep.

I’m kind of looking forward to this one, premiering on the Game Show Network on November 15 :yes::


I like ninja warrior

Honestly, I think ALL gameshows appeal to a certain “dumb culture”. The simple fact that no one has yet won the big prize on “Are you smarter than a fifth grader” speaks volumes to the average IQ of the people who watch game shows, and TV in general. Not trying to be mean, just saying what I think. There are far better things one can do with their life than waste most of it doing nothing but stare at a box for hours on end.

Go make some memories. Your own memories, not Jerry Springer or Bob Barker.