Favorite song/songs for blendering?

What are your favorite music when using Blender. My favorites are: “Intro” by The Xx, “Loud Pipes” by Ratatat, “Panic Switch” by Silversun Pickups and a whole lot of the band Muse

“We need new features” by Blender New Users Band

@abc123: Sounds interessting - Could you please post a link to this song? :slight_smile: Thanks

I know that one! Has a very catchy beat

This depends.

I know that “Some Assembly Required” from Portal 2 is one I often listen to.

But sometimes I’ll listen to something like Alice’s theme or other film scores.

I used to listen to Ratatat, and not just for Blending but for programming as well. It seems to help with concentration…

although now my playlist consists mostly of Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, and Within Temptation. Rather effective at keeping one awake :stuck_out_tongue:

I listen to the soundtracks from various different games. Other than that I listen to Serj Tankian and Lamb of God for the most part.

same here! …however I mostly listen to Sonic the Hedgehog tracks these days…'cause…well…you know… he’s the fastest thing alive :smiley: kinda helps with productivity for some reason…

…yesterday I listened to some old Beatles songs while modelling, was pretty awesome :yes:

EDIT - we’ve all got to live and learn, you know, otherwise we can never really open our hearts and be able to reach for the stars… we’ve all got to be the knights of the wind, 'cause in this world, his world, we can never turn back.

I bet everyone will find this hard to believe but I listen to country music while Blending :yes:

well, we all know Deadmau5 is always great, but my personal favs are from Skillet :slight_smile:
oh yes, and Sonic songs are great too ;D
course when Im going for perfection i like to listen to the Minecraft sound tracks XD

Mostly OST’s such as Portal 1&2, Half-Life 2 + Episodes, all Final Fantasy OST’s, F.E.A.R. Other times I’ll just listen to classical music. Not Beethoven classical though. For some reason I just cant stand old classical like that.

Either Suburbs of Goa or classical music. I like calm tunes when trying to concentrate on things.

Death Becomes Fur!

Try it some time, it will make you feel EPIC!!! :slight_smile:

Nothing special. Just what I usually listen when I’m not blending.
Above and Beyond, 30 STM.
Sometimes even heavy metal.

I actually have :smiley:

I’m usually listening to Internet radio. Charlietown Blues and MyGhanaRadio are my favorites.

Top Hits;):
I Adore You - Chris Quilala
All I Need Is You - Kim Walker
Be Lifted High - Brian Johnson
Fill Me - Parachute Band

I listen to Nintendo music most of the time (Metroid, Mario, Zelda) even pac-man and Sonic songs. I also listen to the bands Family Force 5, Relient K, Skillet, Hawk Nelson, Run Kid Run, and other stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I listen to Offenbach, Beethoven, Danse Macabre, Johann Strauss II, and Mozart while blending, though I usually end up waving my arms around like a madman.:slight_smile:

I usually listen to chiptune music, been listening to some by Surasshu lately. Also listening to some oldschool game music like from earthbound zero and pokemon. nostalgia