FBX Bundle

Hi, thanks for the great addon. I experimented a bit and it seems like empties are more or less completely ignored when exporting to Unity? I often set up transform hierarchies (nested empties) to simplify moving a bunch of geometry without changing the geometries pivot point itself. Is there a way around that? Blenders native fbx export exports empties fine as gameobjects.

I work with CAD Data and loads of seperate small objects that’s why I have to have such a workflow (and why the Merge Meshes / Split by Material modifier is so cool)


@renderhjs When will this addon be updated to support blender 2.8?


Would it be possible to batch import fbx files and automatically save them to .blend?

I would like to batch convert assets.

It’s a fantastic addon! I do have one request that would help my workflow - Blender to Unreal. I’ll set empties on an object to be used as sockets in Unreal, and right now I have to fall back to the standard FBX exporter as FBX Bundle doesn’t include empties on export. Being able to include empties in bundles would be a big help!