FBX export animation error

Hi guys, how are you?

Could you help me, I am very new to blender, and I have a model with animation that I would like to export to FBX, however, when I export, the animations are not exported.

Searching, I found the post below explaining why, however, I don’t know how I can fix it so that it is possible to export.


Can you explain how I can export the model with the animations?

NOTE: The model is not mine, I did not create it, it is a free model available for download from sketchfab (The Traveler's Broomstick - Download Free 3D model by Harri3D (@harrisondorn) [995c407] - Sketchfab).

Hi, when you exported the fbx did you activate the Bake all animations option in the export window?
And when you imported it did you activated the Animation option?


Yes to both questions, I am trying to import the .fbx into 3dsmax, so that I can transform it into .ase.

However, when I import into 3dsmax, I get the following error message: The following parent and/or ancestor node(s) are not part of the BindPose definition.

Ok, that wasn’t clear from your initial post.
What i suggest is to ask this also in the 3ds max forum you might get better results and may be that there are other formats that works better in 3ds max.

So, it is that in the animations of this model, it shows the “errors” of the post that I sent, I believe that is the problem, and I would like to know how I can solve these “errors”.

I am sorry but i have no idea what that error is and i will be surprised if anyone will be able to know without having both the file and 3dsmax software. Good luck anyway.