FBX Import - Texture not displaying - Blender 2.8

Hi there. When I import an FBX model, the textures do not display. I’ve been able to find similar problems in various forums but I’m unable to map the solution to Blender 2.8 - sorry I’m a newbie. Does anyone know how to get the textures to display in lookdev mode in Blender 2.8? It just appears white in lookdev and brown in rendered mode. The material appears to be attached and it’s not showing pink where it can’t find the texture files.

The file is too big to upload unfortunately. There is an FBX and an OBJ version and three .jpg files containing the textures - bump, diffuse, normal versions.

Many thanks.

The free object file is here: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/water-park-slides-3d-max/1093267

FBX imports do not bring textures with them, just the material assignments and UV map. You’ll have to make a material and bring in the textures. If it does, consider yourself lucky. I’ve never had it “just work”

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Thanks for your response. I have imported lots of FBX models and some of the textures work, some of them don’t. I fixed it by bringing in the supplied texture and utilising the existing UV maps.