FBX LOD UE4 export is it possible at all?

Is it possible to export LOD tree (multiple lods in single file) to UE4 without having the need of exporting each individual LOD level?

  1. create an empty with the name “LOD_ObjectName”
  2. create a custom property on the empty: name = fbx_type, value = LodGroup
  3. parent each object (LODs and original object too) to the empty
    – order of parenting matters, not prefix in the name
    – original object should be parented last
    – e.g. LOD1, LOD2, LOD3, LOD0 (original object)
  4. select the empty and all the objects
  5. export
  6. this works for static meshes, though last time I tried with a skeletal mesh, the order in UE4 was not always correct

Pain in the ass, so just use this addon to automate it or write a python script.

the addon discovers LODs by object name prefix

  • ObjectName
  • LOD1_ObjectName
  • LOD2_ObjectName