FBX/OBJ not uploading to MIXAMO with texture maps (but import properly to Blender)

Hello, i am going crazy cause i cant upload my Character to Mixamo with Textures. When i upload the obj file without external maps and mtl in a zip it works fine. but if i upload the zip i get an generic error.
Also tried fbx with textures included but it outputs the same error.
I used Bender 2.82 to model and texture the Character using a Diffuse map, Normal Map, And Roughness Map for each part of the character.
The topology is completely fine and the character has no bones. as said above the obj without any texture works like a charme when uploading.
I tired everything to export the Model from blender to fbx and obj but no succes when uploading with texture maps.
the maps are all jpgs and the character is properly uv unwraped, since i have done this before many times.
Its importing all exports properly back into blender and pbr shaders show the textures jsut fine.
The Polycount is also not so high, its 240.000 so it is definetly not the the mesh that is causing the problem.

the error says: unable to map your existing skeleton. (which is a bit misleading i guess)

Not sure as I have not tried it…But in FBX export under Operator Presets, change Path Mode to Copy, and click side box to embed textures…
I have seen when you download these files, back in Blender it makes all the textures transparent by changing the alpha blend mode…so just be aware…it is an easy fix…

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i figured it out: i was not able to upload an fbx which had all my texture maps included when exporting! Mixamo didnt like it. So, i needed to only attach diffuse textures to the materials, and export the character without any additional maps, like bump, normal, roughness etc.

then the character uploaded just fine. i had to change my workflow and apply materials in blender afterwards. i hope this info might help someone else, as well!


thanks a lot!

Id just like to add that the 7zip file will not work, make sure you use proper zip file and you will be able to add all additional maps.

Newbie here—can you explain in more detail how configured your files to upload and not error out in Mixamo? i zip the obj file and mtl and always get an mixamo error…many thanks

fyi model built in adobe dimension>export obj file>Mixamo error

i woudl recommend to use fbx export its easier as it can have the texturemaps included within 1 file and no need for links…

Ur the best bro!