FDNY 2006 Tower Ladder

Hey guys, first post here. I work for the fire dept of new york as a mechanic and took up blender as a hobby. For a long time I dreamed of making a accurate to scale 3d Model of a fire truck, and after years of tutorials and playing with blender I finally have. This is 80 percent accurate in measurement. Hope its acceptable, and I’m very excited to begin posting My work for my fellow blender users to critique. Thanks and happy blending.


Nice model, and the materials are okay too, but the glare effect… Just, nope… I’m sorry but it looks really strange. Try adjusting the ‘Threshold’ and ‘Fade’ value and maybe use 5 or more straks instead of 4. Maybe some ‘Fog Glow’ will help too. :slight_smile: - But hey, the model is great! :smiley:

I was starting to think I went over board myself, thanks for the tips, defiantly will use them

It’s clear that you’re familiar with engines such as this. It shows in the level of detail. Silly request time, not sure how you have the model and scene setup, but could you do a render that’s being lit by a fire and the truck has it’s lights on? I was thinking something like this… http://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=408703 . It’d be cool to see all the reflections and colors.

Absolutely! :slight_smile: I was already on that page, but being that I worked on this for a month straight I wanted to take a break before setting up different renders, ill have that scene for u sonner than later bro

Awesome work, shartaz! Even before reading the description, I could tell this was either made by someone very familiar with the real thing, or by a fan with far too many blueprints and reference images!

Very impressive modeling work all around, and the materials aren’t bad either. Are you using Cycles or Blender Internal to render? The tire rubber looks a little dark, it falls to almost complete black in the shadows. I have a tire rubber material I often use that I can share with you, but it’s for Cycles.

thanks a lot man, I was using cycles, your shader would be much appreciated, it feels good to have my hard work picked up by all of you guys keen eyes, thanks again

First off it’s refreshing to see a unique vehicle model like this. Most often there are great exotic cars and scifi vehicles featured here, but its just cool to see something different like this.

Obviously you have a great eye for the scaling and little details that always helps. Another thing that might add to it, is rig / open a few of the compartment doors and model some fire hoses ect.

This actually would be a great model for Blend Swap or the blender cookie market. I could envision where many people could incorporate a fire truck into their various scenes or animations.

Thanks man, this was my first finished vehicle and I wanted it to be something real and different from scifi and exotic, so thank you for validating my gut feeling, this is the second time it was mention to put it on the market so I’m going to seriously consider it, and I plan to do a couple scenes in the near future with it in action, thanks for the ego boost guys

Here’s the material I’ve been using for tires for a while now. It’s not my own design, I just found it in someone’s WiP thread last year, but it works well for the average tire and is very simple to set up. Hope it helps!