Feathers fall off the model.

Hey guys,I’m still a newbie, so I follow BlenderCookie tutorials and I have this weird thing going on. I have rigged my bird and it’s feathers work perfectly, except when I’m trying to animate this guy, they’re falling off like gravitation works on them. Any help ?


I think people will need more info to help. Post a blend file. http://pasteall.org/
What is supposed to hold the feathers in place?
The only 2 places I can think to turn off gravity is under particles and in the scene settings…no 3, and physics.

As far as I understand - rig should hold feathers in place?.
I think I found what’s wrong (with help from Kent Trammell) - wing feathers and tail feathers were set as rigid bodies. I have no idea how I set them nor how it works exactly, since I’m beginner with blender. Anyway, now everything seems to work.