Feature request: Bake Specular Shader Coefficients map

Hello Everyone, OOOK!

I need to have a detailed specular map with specular shader coefficient to be used outside of blender.

In blender 2.69, we can bake a specular map but I think it is only possible of baking the intensity and the color.

I never found out the way to bake a map of the specular shader coefficients, i.e:
“hardness” for Cooktor, Phong, Blinn
“size” and “smooth” for Toon

but I hope I am wrong.:smiley:

If i am right, it would be great to add this to the future version.
And join this feature to the specular map of intensity, to create a “colorless specular map”(not a good name).
I mean the specular map of intensity need only one channel,
the other two channels (not counting alpha) could be used to for the coefficients.

thank you for reading :wink: