[feature request]let outliner show selected object

in the outliner window, I usually use ‘All scenes’ to show all objects so that I can choose nearby objects or objects with similiar names easily.
Once we select an object in the 3d window, its name is highlighted in the outliner. But if there are many objects, we have to slide the outliner window to find the objects. I know ‘.’ can bring the object name, but what if all is done automatically?

btw, where can we post feature request? Is there any website like the bug report site?




That would be a sweet feature. It should work with any list.


You don’t have to slide the outliner…:slight_smile:

You…Point the cursor in the Outliner window and press - Numpad ,

That’s it…Puff puff


If You don’t know You can drag pictures and Blend file into Blenders 3d window…And pictures to Node editor too…:slight_smile:


An automatic puff puff would be helpful.

But thanks. That helps tremendously.

Well automatically is good if I am using Outliner only for that. It is going to be pretty annoying that every time I hover outline it scrolls to selected object, isnt it?

If the selected object just jumped up the list without moving the scroll then it would work.

Or a smaller list of recently selected would be nice.

Numpad key ?.. overhere it works with the Delete key…(terrible choice).
Hm here seam to be some python code that gets the selected object… >>

i wonder if it can be scripted to use it for this.

guys, I know the "."key can work as I mentioned in my first post. And I know you can switch to ‘Selected’ from ‘All scenes’, but this way, the outliner is totally a waste.
I have said, I have many objects in the sences, some are covered each other, so it is easy to select them by click their name in the outliner; some have similar names(for example: pipe.upper.red, pipe.upper.yellow, pipe.mid.red, and so on), I have to assign different materials for them even they are seperated in the space, so after I have selected and assign a material for pipe.upper.red, I still like to select pipe.upper.yellow in the outliner because it is easier then find and LMB on it in the 3d window.

That is why I mentioned that I need a automatical way who acts as I pressed "."key

I have absolutely no idea what are you talking about …

I have many issues with the outliner, but this is not one of them. If you want to “go to selected”, then hit a hotkey and you are there. The rest sounds like you need to work harder on properly organizing your scenes as you build them. This is important no matter what 3D package you use.

You could open a second outliner window and set it to selected.

+1 I agree it would be great to automate the “.” action :wink:

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I use Sanne’s option all the time to solve this.
Thats the awesomeness of b3d ui…

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I am looking for same functionality. Interestingly few months back i came across some script online, and it was working. However now i am unable to find it.