Feature request?

I don’t know where to request features on blender.org,
I don’t know if this should be called a bug but I’d like to close the render and save while rendering, without having to wait sometimes hours to save, or getting forced to kill the program.

Feature requests can be started at Blenderstorm (slow site - I’m working on it!) and worked out on our wiki athttp://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Requests

Your request is a feature request - not a bug.


You can stop a render at any time and save with the Escape key, however you cannot resume rendering afterwards from where you left off. That would be a useful feature to have.

Alternatively, use Indigo! Although thats not always practical, but it does allow blender to run while rendering.

If u accidentaly shut ur render while rendering(I don’t know if this works for Anim, hit “f11” on ur keyboard, does NOT work on mac unless u click, Render>Show Render Buffer" and there u have it either rendering will start up where left off or it’ll show up[ again

Actually just tested, warning it WON’T start where it left off just re-shows the window partially completed! :frowning: That could be a blenderstorm idea!

Thats what I thought… and yeah, that would be a good idea.

I don’t use Indigo because I hear it’s too slow. When will they use videocards? :spin:

The “not always practical” referred to the (lack of) speed. I usually start a render, then keep working on my project, and by the time I’m ready to do another render the current one is almost noise free. No idea about videocards.

They have their own processors and stuff, which let the awesome looking games work on real time. Imagine rendering what was before 2 hours in 2 seconds, or maybe less than 1. :smiley: