Feature request

Hello everybody,

I want to ask would it be possible to make an addon for Blender for “poking” faces?
I have been using Maya before Blender and poke face option really helped me to “deal” with some N-Gons. So here’s how it works:


First I select the big N-Gon (pic 1) and click on “Poke face”. The tool puts a vertex in the middle of the face and connects all vertices that make up that face to it (pic 2).

When Blender with BMesh is officially released, would it be possible to make this kind of feature?

Best regards

If I understand it correctly, you should be able to do this already: Select the face, extrude without moving, then ALT+M to collapse the face.

Same thing in LightWave and Modo is called “spikey”. It’s nice and I use it more often than not. Just select a face, hit spikey and you’re done. But in essence this is the same thing as described by nicholas above, which is exactly what I do in Blender. Just as easy.

Thanks, very nice trick ! just tried and it works very nicely (as you can always move the vertice where you want after the collapse)

Thank you! ALT+M and collapse works just like poke face in Maya! I didn’t know this! :slight_smile: