Feb 10 Second Club

Finished this just a bit late for the 10 Second Club competition.
I’ve redone the link and added another for Windows Media Player.

MPEG4 version:

I did most of the blender work on my Linux machine. No, I’m not rich, the Linux is all mine, bought with the proceeds of my first job using Blender. The other two are from my other two jobs.

I believe this is the URL:


Good job! I wanna enter this months, but I really have no idea how to lipsync… at all.


I just used two relative keys and mixed them for all of the mouth moves for the banana and just one key for the tomato.
Too tired to search for the link that had a great tutorial for relative keys, but see if you can’t find it. It’s by ‘luckybreak’ and titled QUICK RVK TUTE INSIDE from Nov 27, 2003 in elYsiun Blender General forum.
Have fun,

Just to get an idea of folks reaction to my efforts.

I suggest you view this video once in AALIB. It looks very good in ascii for some reason. But… it looks good in XV too :). Gr8 job.