Federation starship

So, im building this ship, but i dont understand the textures for this model. my paint job is just looking bland. any ideas on how to paint a starship would be appreciated :spin:

I would use Alt+D on bolts or rivets, and put them all over,

make it look like it’s made of plates of steel or???

after that maybe go for a circuit looking pattern that is lamps that blink from front to back or something (like a real plane)

no, modern ships dont have rivets visible, i was thinking to draw hull plates as a bump map though. the colour is supposed to be white like the tv shows, i guess its similar to the space shuttle, but i dont seem to be able to make it look good. i will be adding a light map once i have the look for the main material. blinking lights will be a nice touch though

It really depends on type of vessel. There’s science vessels, warships…federation has many classes like odyssey and ares etc. Eventually there’s time travel vessels too.

Plus there’s a new Star Trek show releasing in 2017 (sT : Discovery) trailer <-- It’s got like a bunch of headlights. could be inspiring

thanks for the link. i didn’t know a new series was being produced, but seriously… that ship looks rally bad :no:

Is this using blender internal or cycles?
Definitely use cycles with PBR materials and add an HDRI iamge of space for the background. That’s going to be a good place to start I think.

when i saw the discovery my first action was: turn on blender and create a better one. this ship is so ugly, i hope it gets destroyed in the first three episodes.

they have this aztek look on some star trek models. it is some sort of texture that looks like surface plating. google some pictures if you dont know, what i am talking about.

I’m painting the diffuse map in blender internal, as i find that has better painting functionality but i am rendering in cycles. i dont have a space hdr as im planning to model one for the final image, but i supose it wouldnt hurt to find one for test rendering purposes!

that fugly mofo needs to crash and catostrophically explode while leaving its stupid asteroid dock during the pilot episode. perhaps then they could start the series with a decent looking ship!

yeah, i have been looking at some images online and have tried the aztec style. i need to put some more thought into the base materials first though as my designs didn’t look that good!

i am really sucking bad at this texturing malarky!

its starting to come together, theres a bit more painting to do but i think i have the gist of it now! soon i will be painting the lights in also i need to consider a material for the phaser banks, but as they will only be like a thin line around the saucer im not too worried about them. i want to re do the front thermal plating, it was supposed to look like the heat shields on the space shuttles but it just looks wrong at the moment!
then theres just the deflector dish to worry about! i want something a bit nicer than the horrid pink and blue thing seen on the enterpise from the tv series!

not bad , the ship looks a bit TOO clean

as to that trailer – i have seen ANIME’S with BETTER 3d effects
and game engines draw BETTER looking ships

it looks like it was done on a 10 year old LAPTOP with “shareware” software

hahaha well yeah but star trek ships are always clean! some bull self cleaning technology!

but yeah its just the first pass, it should look better soon hopefully.

so i added a texture to create the small plates on the hull, the displacement may be a bit too strong still bu i think its looking ok (ignore the escape pod hatches, i’ll be painting a proper hatch cover for them at a later date)