Fedor Emelianenko " Good should be with fists?"

Всем доброго времени суток!)))Еще немного Фёдора к Вашему вниманию!) Работа " Добро должно быть с кулаками?" в процессе, эксперименты с мимикой.Блендер.Ваяя.Буду благодарен за критику по существу))Спасибо за внимание!)


very nice sculpt!!! But I don’t understand what it is write… but google translator, a little. Very nice, I like the micro bumps, very well done!

Thank you very much!!!:)))

Thank you very much!!!:))))

It is a very good sculpt. I didn’t know Emelianenko so I did some research in the internet. He is an interesting guy and I think you have given him a perfect expression. Congratulations. I guess you have sculpted it inside Blender with dyntopo. It would be nice a turntable animation of the whole sculpture. Have a nice days!

Thank you very much! I really sculpted in dynamic topology :slight_smile: You have correctly noticed it !) I have a weak personal computer , this detail is better could not do . Turntable animation will try to add to view. Thanks again for the comment !

Here is a turntable animation of the bust of Fedor Emelianenko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_AG2hzfp8Q

Очень круто! Какие кисти для скульпта используешь? Стандартные или еще добавлял ?

Very cool! What kind of brushes you use to sculpt? Standard or added ?

Congrats! Excellent work! This sculpt is really alive!

Большое спасибо! У меня были положительные эмоции от Ваших комментариев !) И стимул для дальнейшего творчества )

Great Job!!! It’s really Fedor.
As a Fedor fan, I’m also making MMA scene and modeled Fedor by Makehuman. But your sculpting is superb and almost real!

I hope that you will add a material on your model.

Very nice work! Eyes, neck, head! There is something wrong with the mouth only. It is a bit to flat, no? Or tiny bit deformed :slight_smile: Otherwise - wonderful! :slight_smile:

Спасибо! У меня установлена дополнительная сборка бесплатных кистей , текстуру кожи и имитацию щетины на голове я делал ними.

Thank you ! this mimicry his little pursed lips

Thank you so much ! I am pleased to read it!))