fedora wallpaper SECURITY SPIN

This is a fedora wallpaper.
Link full img: http://catalinfest.xhost.ro/imgin/SECURITYSPIN.png
The wire screenshot.
Link full img: http://catalinfest.xhost.ro/imgin/fedorawire.png
And blend file ( is a tad.bz2 archive because server not accept .blend file):
What do you thing abot this render ?

make the key have metallic texture.
add some EnvMap.

Right now it’s not enough realistic… and it’s not enough toon.

Also, the make the groove on the key (which is currently on the bottom) be on the top so it’s more visually interesting.

I don’t make 3D so realistic enough to be tiring for user.
So i think is “no realistic route” on this time.
The toon is not the result of this render.
The special scope is logo and lighting effect .

@PhilBo :
groove on the key be on the top,
I make this.
Because of light effect the result is same .
This is 3d key (http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/thumb_292/121679654857B4xg.jpg)
is to realistic for this wallpaper.
I don’t make 3D so realistic enough to be tiring for user.

I don’t follow you.
As it is right now, I would never put it on my desktop.

The lighting is very bad at the moment.
So bad, I’d have to say, that you can’t even tell if the key is upside down or not.
[If I’m not mistaken, it IS upside down]

I’d like to see the key brighter and have a bit more detail. I’d add a groove on the topside. It would make the key more interesting visually, without getting too far into realism. To me the key is kind of dull right now, both in lighting and interest. I like the Fedora logo, but it’s not enough.

The new wallpaper with Trade Mark colors …
Link full img: http://catalinfest.xhost.ro/imgin/SECURITYSPIN_TM.png
And blend file with correct Trade Mark colors ( is a tad.bz2 archive because server not accept .blend file):

I make two wallpaper , but i’m late .
So i show you to make some idea about my work with blender .
and next with some object …
and finnaly the blend file : http://www.savefile.com/files/2176234
I wait your feedback !