Feed the Monster

I’ve been using school as an excuse to start and gasp…finish blender projects. :rolleyes: Here’s an interesting one. The assignment was to create an interesting concept to the words “feed the monster”. We were free to interpret the meaning as we pleased and the size had to be 7in x 11in.

My “feed the monster” is about smoking addiction. It is simply a man who is having a few too many cancer sticks at a time :stuck_out_tongue: The process was difficult, especially trying to get the colors the way I wanted them (darn you cmyk shakes fist). Also in the few days before the assignment was due blender was crashing over and over again, especially when I pressed ctrl+z :confused:. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out except for the eyelashes and lack of skin textures.

So now the million dollar question…What do you guys think?

I like it! Looks really good. Hope you got an A++! :smiley:

Smoking is for n00bs.

Looks good, I’d just make the skin less shiny and the eyebrows thinner. Anyway, good idea and nice image !

the boy is very well modeled and the lighting is interesting
Are you going to use a texture?
I think that also like this is very original and artistic…
I think the eyebrows must be reduced

Well the votes are in! I made 4th place out of ~25. Not bad :slight_smile:
Each voter was allowed to provide feedback and it turns out some felt that I cheated because I created it in 3D as opposed to painting it with traditional media or photoshop. But what can you do? shrugs shoulders and keeps blending